our story


A bouquet of freshly bloomed seasonal flowers
The residue of flowers is used as a dye for gifts.
Return the withering flowers to the soil,
It becomes a nutrient and is reborn as a new flower.

Even if it grows straight
Even if it swells and swells
Even if only one color is different
Even if it doesn't last long and blooms only for a moment
Each is everything.

Every flower has its own individuality, buds, blooms, and withers.
Even after finishing each"life"
For dried flowers
For pressed flowers
For dyes
Enjoy the joy,
Return to the soil,
Wait for the next sprout.

Then, love the life of the flowers,
I will continue to learn so that I can make the most of the beauty of each moment.
Aiming to be a flower shop that can be connected to the future.