our philosophy

for someone

Being second and supporting.
Not as an artist, but as a flower shop.
Imagine a person holding a bouquet,
I wonder what kind of flower
can snuggle up to.
Make the most of the flowers and make the most of the leading role.


Think of "naturally born shapes".
Ten people, ten colors,
The same flower has a different form.
I don't try to put it together neatly,
I want to enjoy the imbalance.


Stay free.
Let's continue to seek more freedom in ideas, actions, and thoughts.
Place, flower, time,
I want to share
without any restrictions.


Be honest, candid and honest.
I want to build a relationship between the producer and the florist.
Truthfully, openly,
I want to keep the attitude of always being able to tell the truth in a way that anyone can confirm.