• TASTY OF LIFE by eatrip and the little shop of flowers
    • TASTY OF LIFE by eatrip and the little shop of flowers

    TASTY OF LIFE by eatrip and the little shop of flowers

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    Yuri Nomura of restaurant eatrip and Yukari Iki of the little shop of flowers, two people who have lived next door to each other on the same premises in front of Meiji Jingu, Tokyo, traveled together in search of a Japan they had not yet seen. Like an album, this is a documentary book of food and flowers.

    Yuri Nomura is a chef who runs the food creative team "eatrip," and also writes serial articles for magazines and is a radio personality, going beyond the boundaries of a cook.
    Yukari Iki, who has a unique background as a florist after working in the press, is engaged in flower arrangement for various occasions at her atelier and store "the little shop of flowers".
    This is the first book by these two, business partners for 10 years, who currently run restaurant eatrip and the little shop of flowers in a house surrounded by dense trees in Harajuku, Tokyo.
    Traveling has always been a source of inspiration for the duo. Traveling has always expanded their senses, opening up their senses to strange places and discovering how delicious and beautiful they can find there. In this book, the two visited Kanazawa, Nemuro, Kamakura, and Karuizawa, four places and four seasons. In each place, they interacted with people who knew the area deeply, and their encounters with plants and ingredients unique to the area took shape in their cuisine and flower arrangements. The book is composed of photographs documenting the process, essays about the food and flowers, and simple recipes for the dishes. This is a unique book, like a photo book or an album, that documents the live performances of the two, and how they have seen and felt each other as they have walked together and confronted the quickly disappearing things of cooking and flowers on a daily basis.

    This is a one-of-a-kind book that is like a photo album. Depending on the timing of your order, there is a possibility that the product will be out of stock and unavailable.



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