• month by month non-alcoholic syrup [Fig yamabudou]
    • month by month non-alcoholic syrup [Fig yamabudou]

    month by month non-alcoholic syrup [Fig yamabudou]

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    A new non-alcoholic syrup released by Alfiore, a winery in Miyagi Prefecture that Little has been working with.

    It is made with flowers and herbs grown in the wilds and mountains of Tohoku, as well as seasonal fruits from farmers.

    month by month
    From Alfiore
    The first installment of this project is a monthly seasonal product.
    The first one is
    a non-alcoholic syrup made from tangerines and cherries.
    Try this non-alcoholic syrup full of aroma and flavor just like enjoying a glass of wine.

    How to
    Mix with soda water or hot water,
    Combine with various teas,
    Use undiluted as a sauce for cooking or desserts.
    Enjoy it in any way you like.

    ▼Fig yamabudou
    Figs harvested in the fall are dipped and simmered in a wild grape wine named Hokujun, prepared by Alfiore.
    The red and purple fruits have a lemon flavor. Depending on the temperature of what you break it into, you can make a non-alcoholic wine like hot wine or sangria.

    Recommended basic recipe
    ▶Enjoy with food (4x dilution)
    1. fill a wine glass with 2-3 ice cubes.
    Pour 30ml of the syrup into the wine glass. 3.
    Pour 120ml of sparkling water into the wine glass and stir.



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