• Green white bowl [small/medium/large]
  • Green white bowl [small/medium/large]
  • Green white bowl [small/medium/large]
  • Green white bowl [small/medium/large]
  • Green white bowl [small/medium/large]
  • Green white bowl [small/medium/large]
  • Green white bowl [small/medium/large]
  • Green white bowl [small/medium/large]

    I always think that choosing a pot is something that tends to discourage me when I want to choose a pot if I want to incorporate plants into my life.。

    It's hard to find a pot that I wantが!If the pot that is the point and the pot that you want to keep clean and simple are different in size, you can decorate it with a natural texture, so there are various good pots、色々。

    This green bowl has a strong characterが、Even if you join the bowl that tends to be neat and organizedAs a bowl that adds color to the space as the first bowl in your lifeIt can also be used as an umbrella stand.う!

    little flights(Area limited delivery)We will contact you by email or phone to discuss the pick-up date at the PARCO store after the product arrives.ます。

     Outer diameter about 24cmm
     Inner diameter about 21cmm
     Outer bottom size about 15cmm
     Height about 25cmm

     Outer diameter about 30cmm
     Inner diameter about 26.5cmm
     Bottom outer size about 17.5cmm
     Height about 30cmm

     Outer diameter about 36cmm
     Inner diameter about 31.5cmm
     Outer bottom size about 22.5cmm
     Height about 38cmm

    ※Due to the characteristics of the product, there may be areas where scratches and dirt can be seen.す。
    ※Due to the risk of damage during shipping, this item cannot be shipped nationwide.。How to hand overPARCO storeReceipt orlittle flights(Area limited free delivery)limited to。
    ※This pot has a hole in the bottom, but does not come with a water tray.ん。
    ※The plants in the photos are not included. There may be slight individual differences in size and color.す。

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    This item is limited to Little flights (area limited delivery service). Even if the item is delivered normally, it will be delivered free of charge if you purchase it in bulk. It is possible to ship outside the area, but shipping charges will apply. Regarding the delivery area and schedule, we will individually guide you to the phone number or email address you entered when ordering.