• Fattoria AL FIORE:ciao ciao
  • Fattoria AL FIORE:ciao ciao

    It is a wine"Ciao ciao 2019"of Fattoria AL FIORE in Kawasaki Town, Miyagi Prefecture. It is made by fermenting only the free-run part with Piacere. The remaining 50% of Piacere's juice, peel and seeds are brewed until the end of fermentation to make a wine with condensed rolls. It goes perfectly with meat dishes and pickles (fermented foods).

    Item:Japanese wine (slightly foamed)
    Storage method:Cold and dark place Shipping method:Room temperature Contents:750 ml
    Alcohol content:10%
    Manufacturer:Meguro Co., Ltd.

    Internal capacity

    Raw material grapes (Stuben from Aomori prefecture)

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