• THE LITTLE GIFT OF FLOWERS 020:Botanical coaster
  • THE LITTLE GIFT OF FLOWERS 020:Botanical coaster
  • THE LITTLE GIFT OF FLOWERS 020:Botanical coaster
  • caption:Eucalyptus Green

    Eucalyptus Green

  • caption:Bamboo Green

    Bamboo Green

  • caption:Lime Emerald

    Lime Emerald

  • caption:Mountain Green

    Mountain Green

  • caption:Nazuna green

    Nazuna green

  • caption:Tulip Red

    Tulip Red

  • caption:Sakura Pink

    Sakura Pink

  • caption:Peony Vivid

    Peony Vivid

  • caption:Marigold Orange

    Marigold Orange

  • caption:Soil Brown

    Soil Brown

  • THE LITTLE GIFT OF FLOWERS 020:Botanical coaster

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    Little coaster. When the flowers can't stand the heat , the color of the flowers is dyed with botanical dye instead of cut flowers in the space.



    item description

    Flower Waste from The Little Shop of Flowers 100% cotton (double face of plain weave and gauze) 10 x 10 cm

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    It is a product that can be delivered easily or picked up at the store. You cannot specify the date and time for simple delivery. note that.


    ・ Soak the main body in lukewarm water (30 ℃ or less) in which detergent is dissolved, put it in a laundry net, and wash it with lukewarm water of 40 ℃ or less. We recommend a hand-washing course in the washing machine. ・ If the detergent becomes uneven, it may cause stains, so dissolve it well before washing. ・ Use a detergent that does not contain fluorescent bleach or a neutral detergent. ・ Do not use bleach. ・ Rinse thoroughly. ・ After washing, do not leave it unattended, shape it and dry it in the shade. ・ The temperature of the iron should be low (100-120 ℃) and use a cloth. ・ If you get wet with sweat or rain, do not leave it unattended and remove enough water as it may cause color transfer.