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    Green / Blue / White

  • Glazed bowl [medium]
  • Glazed bowl [medium]
  • Glazed bowl [medium]
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  • Glazed bowl [medium]

    Because you spend a lot of time at home, please spend a wonderful Stay Home time with cute pots and foliage plants ^ ^

    Corresponding number:No. 7/8 is pita pita Inner diameter:Approximately 28.5 cm
    Outer diameter:Approximately 31.5 cm
    Inner height:Approximately 27.5 cm
    Bottom size:Approximately 25.5 cm

    Glaze pottery (There are some individual differences in glaze)

    There is a hole for draining water in the bottom of the pot.
    There is no water pan.

    There is no stand.
    Please contact us if you would like a stand.

    * This product is not available for nationwide delivery due to the risk of damage during delivery. The delivery method is limited to PARCO over-the-counter receipt or Little flight (free delivery limited to the area).

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    shipping method

    This item is limited to Little flights (area limited delivery service). Even if the item is delivered normally, it will be delivered free of charge if you purchase it in bulk. It is possible to ship outside the area, but shipping charges will apply. Regarding the delivery area and schedule, we will individually guide you to the phone number or email address you entered when ordering.


    We do not describe the condition of small scratches and leaves. Please refer to the item description column for noticeable old scratches. Please understand that as the plant grows, there may be changes in the image at the time of delivery.