• Vase/jug (01)
  • Vase/jug (01)
  • Vase/jug (01)
  • Vase/jug (01)

    A pitcher (jug) of daily necessities made by hand while staying close to the climate of various parts of Japan and the lives of the local people. Works around Mashiko, Kasama, Onta, Koishiwara, Shimane, Kyushu, and Okinawa.

    Easy to incorporate into your daily life
    The quaint atmosphere
    The expression is warm.

    You can decorate a lot of flowers,
    A little solid branch,
    The arrangement of only leafy vegetables will be similar.

    Please enjoy it.

    Height:19 cm
    Straight diameter:15 cm
    Caliber:7.5 cm

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