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  • Akihiro Nikaido: no.38 Sake cup
  • Akihiro Nikaido: no.38 Sake cup

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    A work by ceramist Akihiro Nikaido. The annual exhibition with Mr. Nikaido will start this year at atelier babajiji and eatrip soil in Yoyogi-Uehara, and the exhibition at Yoyogi-Uehara will end, and the hand-over works will be exhibited and sold below.

    Little Jingu-mae Main Store (from 12/24)

    eatrip soil

    Online Shop

    I missed buying it in December! I want to buy it as a gift! Please use it by all means.

    Each piece is handmade, so the shape and expression will be slightly different one by one. We will leave the selection of the works to be delivered to you. In addition, the appearance of colors will change depending on how the light hits, so please understand that the published work is a reference image and use it for a long time.


    A plate that makes your dining table a little happy at home.



    item description

    Pottery Diameter:24 cm x 16 cm Height:2.8 cm Reduction firing:How to bake when the fuel is suffocated without sufficient oxygen to burn completely .. The iron in the soil (a substance containing the volcanic ash of Mt. Fuji) remains undissolved, forming blackish spots and the patterns on the surface create a different texture one by one.

    shipping method

    It is a product that you can choose between nationwide delivery, little flight (area limited delivery service), and pick-up at the atelier store.


    Dishwasher:◯ Be careful not to let the dishes collide with each other as it may cause cracks or chips. Microwave:△ You can use it in a microwave, but please note that it gets hot immediately after use. Also, please note that water may enter the invisible cracks that naturally occur during use, and they may crack when placed in the microwave.