• Botanical Die:Would you like to dye it? [Rainy season navy]
  • Botanical Die:Would you like to dye it? [Rainy season navy]
  • Botanical Die:Would you like to dye it? [Rainy season navy]
  • Botanical Die:Would you like to dye it? [Rainy season navy]
  • caption:梅雨ネイビー


  • Botanical Die:Would you like to dye it? [Rainy season navy]

    Little's [Would you like to dye it? ] Would you like to participate?

    The dyeing method is botanical dyeing.
    The color to be dyed this time is this rainy season navy (navy blue).

    Even if you don't want to use it as a rag right away
    White is not a nice white
    It ’s not white, which has a nice texture of old clothes.
    T-shirts that have turned dirty white,

    Favorite blouses, tote bags, etc.
    Take this opportunity to look back at your wardrobe
    Please try to revive it and cherish it again.

    Material:Limited to cotton only.
    Reception date:June 23-July 2, 2021 [Must arrive]
    Must arrive by mail

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    item description

    << Notes on purchase >> ・ Please note that you cannot purchase the product together with other products.・ 100% cotton can be confirmed, please send only plain ones.・ Please remove the button as it will crack during dyeing.・ Avoid using metal or fasteners as they may discolor or affect other products. -If the material is thin or has deteriorated, it may be torn. As mentioned above, if you find it difficult to dye, we will return it to you.・ Please note that it cannot be purchased together with other products.・ Please note that complicated designs may have a different finish than you imagined. -Since most sewing threads are polyester, the original thread color remains.・ If there is heavy dirt, it may become dark or discolored. -For items with interlining, the interlining may be twisted, hardened, or discolored.・ If you use fabric softener or bleach, it may cause uneven dyeing. Limited to 100% cotton July 23-August 2, 2021 [Must arrive] Must be brought to the store or mailed Scheduled for the end of September 2021 * Finishing schedule will change There is a possibility. note that. THE LITTLE SHOP OF FLOWERS/ATELIER 6-31-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 (Hut in front of the entrance of restaurant eatrip) TEL:03-5778-3052 OPEN:12:00- 19:00 Google Map ▶ ︎ https://goo.gl/maps/3YpSHxJYnAqVb6JJ7

    shipping method

    It is a product that is delivered after dyeing what we have received from our customers. It cannot be purchased at the same time because the delivery time is different from the products currently on sale. You can either mail it to the atelier store or bring it in directly. Please bear the cost of keeping it. After dyeing, it will be shipped to the address specified at the time of payment. You cannot choose the shipping method.


    Difference between botanical dye, plant dyeing and plant dyeing That color and texture is 100% natural without using chemical dyes. One of the pleasant dyeing methods that converts the color and energy of plants and foods by fermenting and blending them in the process of planting and dyeing, using natural color stoppers instead of chemical dyes. By using a little safe chemical dye instead of 100% plant, you can express the saturation of the color of the fresh flower itself, and it is hard to fade and it is close to the current lifestyle (life using a washing machine). It is also one of the circulation methods that allows you to live with important things easily and comfortably. Both dyeing methods change the energy of the plant into dye and dye it, so by wearing or touching it, you can feel the essence of the plant. It's not a flower as a shape, but even after it becomes garbage, its saturation and energy connect the feeling that I thought it was beautiful when I saw it as a dye.